About us

On a mission to help people compare, understand, analyze and utilize the price data in online shopping. We've planted this PriceTree to change the way people shop online and also help businesses to maximize their profit.

Whether you are shopper or retailer, this is your stop..

For Shoppers : Browse your favorite product from big catalog and compare to find the best price online and offline.

For Retailers : Monitor competitors' prices to find the right price opportunities and review competitors stock in world class "Price Intelligence Tool" for better pricing and assortment analysis with on demand and scheduled extraction feature.


Let’s PriceTree next time, before to buy anything online!

  • Chrome Extension Launched April - 2015
    PriceTree launched a chrome extension for automatic price comparison & coupons, supporting 1352 ecom websites
  • Price Comparison API January - 2015
    PriceTree launched the price comparison api to help developers in accessing latest product prices from all portals and integrate with their website or app.
  • Affiliate Ad Optimization tool December - 2014
    PriceTree innovation on e-commerce affiliate advertising transformed it on contextual and interested based advertising.
  • Price Intelligence Tool October - 2014
    Launched price intelligence tool for retailors to monitor their competitors' prices and optimize pricing strategies to increase revenue. Ask for demo : business@pricetree.com
  • Stores Locator goes live September - 2014
    PriceTree innovation on offline stores to increase the price comparison capablity from local shops.
  • Android App Launched August - 2014
    Launched mobile and tablet price comparison app to compare price on the go!
  • PriceTree Birthday July, 2014


PriceTree Team