PriceTree Blog Widget

Free blog widget to transform static affiliate banners into contextual and interest based product ads


How to setup

Step 1 : Sign in to PriceTree

Step 2 : Go to Dashboard and get your Publisher Id

Step 3 : Replace your Publisher id in widget code. for e.g : data-pubid="69"

Step 4 : Go back to Widget Dashboard and add you affiliate ids, as in example blog post.(You can get your affiliate ids by singing for Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon affiliate program)

Step 5 : Add the widget code to your website or blog and click on 2-3 product to see if correct affid is appending on each URLs after redirect.

Step 6 : Finish, Check your click reporting on dashboard.(E.g. how many visitors you are sending to affiliate sites, which one product is getting high clicks and more..)

P.S : It's free and will be free forever with 100% revenue share. Go ahead!