How to increase Flipkart, Snapdeal affiliates revenue by 800%

Posted by Vikash Rathee on Mon, 01 Dec 2014 08:57:12 GMT

How to increase Flipkart, Snapdeal affiliates revenue by 800%

Affiliate programs work by selling product and get commission for each action completed by the visitors via your affiliate link. If you have a website or blog and already affiliated(Use below list or retailers to sign up now) with popular Indian eCommerce sites and making money, here is the proven strategy to increase your referral earning by 800%.

Problem for Publishers

Affiliate advertising is all about displaying static products from one eCommerce website by adding their HTML code on a website or blog and didn't rotate ads and also not contextual to attract visitors to click on products as other advertising platform like Google Adwords or Facebook Re-targeting which serve the ad based on visitor interest or contextual. And result, Publishers are loosing huge number of clicks and revenue while they have number of visits on their website and visitors are just leaving their website without any action on affiliate ads(Not clicking on Affiliates product ads).

Solution for Publishers

PriceTree launches Affiliate Ads Optimization tool(a simple widget) to help publishers by displaying product ads based on page context and targeting set by publishers itself to increase click-through rate and referral revenue from your website or blog. By adding the widget you can manage multiple affiliate sites within a single widget and optimize ads with most advanced product advertising technology derived by PriceTree.

And yes, it's free with 100% revenue share. means you have full control on adding and managing your affiliate ids. The idea is how our tech skills can help tech & gadget blogger community to make most from their blog.

Some targeting examples includes..

Since, there are many matrix used to optimize the best product ad to display and rotate based on user experience & interest. Below are some examples to give you insight on how it works

  • A blog post about "Samsung Galaxy" will display popular Samsung mobiles in the widget.(Contextual targeting)
  • A website page about "Andorid Lolipop" will display popular Android mobiles in the widget.(Contextual targeting)
  • A non-gadget related blog post like "Start-up launched" will display popular mobiles(new launched etc). (Traction targeting, based on what is trending)


A visual dashboard to see how your affiliate advertising is performing on individual blog post, pages or website to optimize your affiliate advertising widget based on real-time numbers

affiliates reporting tool Affiliates Reporting
Some of the report includes..
  • See how many visits you are sending to your affiliate site.
  • A complete insight on which one site is getting higher click through rate to optimize your widget ads accordingly
  • Best performing products : See which product is getting high number of click. For example, Samsung Galaxy Grand got 234 total clicks on the launch day and 212 was unique visits sent to affiliate site.
  • Top Performing Pages in your site

A/B Testing

  • Can I test between different widget placement?
  • Can I define custom brand or category name to display products instead contextual ad?
  • Can I test my different websites?
  • Can I test which affiliate site is getting high click-through rate?
  • Can I test which one product is getting high click-through rate and compare with affiliate website report to see if it's generating revenue?

And the answer is : YES


<div id="pricetree-widget" data-item="6" data-pubid="69" data-widget-type="sidebar"></div> <script src=""></script> <!--PriceTree widget to optimize Affiliate advertising. See more on -->


  1. Contextual Targeting Demo on JSFiddle
  2. Trend Targeting Demo on JSFiddle
  3. Footer Style Demo on JSFiddle

Video Demo


A complete control on which website products to be visible on widget and your affiliate id management for all retailers to append on URL when clicked.

affiliate management Affiliates Management

Affiliates Link for popular eCommerce sites

  • Flipkart : Flipkart offers 12% commission on clothing and 2.5% commission on mobile, tablets and other gadgets
  • Snapdeal : Snapdeal offers flat 10% commission
  • Amazon : Amazon offers 5% on Electronics, 15% on Shoes & Clothing, and 10% on all other products.
  • eBay

Case Study

Many blogger already started to use our widget to optimize their affiliate ads, Here is list of some early adopters.

  2. TheGadgetFan

Get your widget now, It's free

Are you using the PriceTree widget to optimize your eCommerce affiliate advertising? comment here with your website details to include in this blog post

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